Environmental Sustainability


At Zammit Promotional Products, we strive not only to be environmentally responsible with the products we produce, but also to encourage the community to be environmentally responsible.


We are proud supporters of the 10,000 trees initiative. The initiative aims to inspire the community to proactively plant enough trees to offset paper that is used in printing and manufacturing to sustain the environment for years to come.


The difference is scientific.

For a product to be certified as compostable, it MUST comply with scientific standards and stringent tests (namely EN13432) in order to truthfully represent itself as compostable on its products.

For a product to be listed as biodegradable, it has fewer specifications to meet, which opens the gate for organisations to use the term biodegradable on their cups as part of a strategy known as “greenwashing”, which seeks to position products as environmentally responsible, even though in essence they are not.

A product that is compostable has three essential characteristics:

1) Timely Biodegradability-  60-90% of the product will break down within 180 days.
2) Disintegration- 90% of the product will break down into sizes of 2mm or less
3) Eco-toxicity- When the product breaks down it will not leave any heavy metals that are toxic to soil.

A product that is only biodegradable means the following:

The product will break down via natural processes over an unspecified period of time. This might occur in the near future, or the very distant future. This could be thousands of years or even millions of years.


Please check with your local councils regarding their industrial composting facilities.

For more information, visit http://www.sita.com.au/facilities/arrt-facilities/

Interested in more? Download our quick guide on composting!