Brisbane cup designOne of our main focus is our Ad Cup Campaigns where we place your personalised advertising message or brand onto disposable coffee cups. These unique cups are then strategically distributed to your target audience through our national network of cafés and restaurants to achieve both brand awareness and exposure.

Who is it for?

Ideal for a company who wants to selectively target their brand, product or service to millions of influential coffee drinkers weekly in cafés, coffee lounges and restaurants. You are interested in a highly visible advertising medium with your message getting in the hands of the right target audience, and do so 3-5 times or more per week.

Where are they placed?

We work with you to determine the locations in our ever evolving, Australia-wide network of cafes and restaurants that match your requirements and consumer profiles, whether it be in the CBDs of capital cities or major regional centres.

How many cups?

Minimum orders start at 1,000 cups.