What is the minimum order quantity for our promotional cups?

Our MOQ for double wall cups begins at 500 units while our single wall cups begin at 1,000 units. Please see our individual product pages for product-specific minimum order quantities.

Am I allowed to use more than one design? 

Of course! Each design will just be regarded as a separate order. For example, if you wanted to use two designs for 4000 units then you will be quoted on 2 separate orders.

What are the advantages of our Biodegradable and Compostable product range?

The benefits of our Biodegradable and Compostable products are that these that break down over a period of 30-50 days into harmless non-toxic elements and comparatively produce 1/3 of the greenhouse gases that would normally be emitted by petroleum-based plastics.

Additionally, these products are composed of natural ingredients that break down easily into the earth, this means that far less energy is required to recycle them, thus providing faster and more efficient production.

Can I request a rush order? Is there an extra charge?

Yes! A rush order service can be provided for all our products excluding our coasters and long-run napkins (10,000+). Depending on what product type you order the extra charge can range from 25% – 50% on the product. For more information please email us at info@zamsal.com.au.

How can I be certain that the cups have actually been delivered and to which location?

At the conclusion of the promotion we will provide you with copies of the delivery dockets from our carrier showing to whom the cups were delivered and the number of cartons to each specific outlet. By this manner you will be guaranteed the integrity of the process.

No questions will arise as to whether the cups and the lids have been distributed in the amounts mentioned. This way you will be guaranteed that the cups you have paid for have actually and in fact been delivered.

Can I get samples?

Of course! Just by emailing your desired samples and delivery details to info@zamsal.com.au, we will be able to send your our samples straight away!