June 2015

Coffee Carts

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Are you looking to dive into the coffee cart industry? Or maybe you're already a coffee cart owner. We can sort your coffee cup needs. It's a great idea to get branded coffee cups for your [...]

Event Caterers

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Are you a catering company? We can cater to your product needs!   We have quite an extensive range of products, all in which you can customise to your company for a memorable event. Our [...]

May 2015

Generic Cups

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Recently, our generic cups have been quite a hit. They have definitely been popular with start up cafés, restaurants and event caterers. The generic cups are great if you're not after anything branded or promotional and/or are [...]


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We would like to introduce to you our latest product, the cutlery pouch napkin. These quilted cutlery pouch napkins are new to the market. This amazing functional product has a dual purpose. It serves as [...]

April 2015

Perforated Cups

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Did you know that coffee was accidently discovered in the 9th century? An Ethiopian goat herder noticed how crazy the beans made the goats. With Zammit promotional cups, your brand or product won’t go unheard. [...]

Contact Details

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With the new website, we have been able to make additional upgrades. For your convenience, you can now make enquiries from our website; http://zammitpromocups.com.au/get-a-quote/. If you prefer to email us directly feel free to contact us at: [...]

Happy Easter

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Here at Zammit Sales and Marketing, we wish you all a Happy Easter. Keep an eye out for our up coming range which will consist of new products to the market. Don't be shy to [...]

March 2015

December 2014

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