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Biodegradable & Compostable Cardboard Drink Coasters

We now only produce Biodegradable & Compostable coasters, and we provide to our distributors our “Compostable Me” logo at no charge!

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250 per size and design


Our surface-printed designs are a beautiful way to apply your artwork on the surface of our cardboard coasters to enhance its visual appearance!


Our debossed-printed coasters creates a beautiful graphic piece that depresses the design you want into the cardboard coaster. This is achieved by using a metal plate with your design and pressing it into the cardboard with heat and pressure.

Tissue Coaster (tissue paper/plastic backing)

These coasters are rare to find and are perfect to use at upmarket venues and Australian wineries. Our tissue coasters are made with 6 ply tissue and one ply of plastic paper. Finely detailed artwork reproduces crisply and clearly – this is the look of understated elegance.

Please not that these tissue coasters are not part of the biodegradable and compostable range.

Debossed and Surface-printed Coasters

Round- 95mm
Square with Round Edges – 95mm x 95mm

Tissue Paper Coasters

Round- 90mm

Please ensure that the design is finalised prior to submitting your artwork to us. This means all the bits and bobs in your concept such as any texts, logos, etc have all been confirmed. We have an in house graphic designer who will happily insert it into our template, however any changes to the design after this has been done may incur extra charges.

Our AUSTRALIAN-MADE coasters are made from 390GSM coaster-board, 1mm thick and are of a smooth finish.

  • Some others on the market use only a thinner 360GSM coaster-board, which are very flimsy (0.08mm thick) and are printed on a rough cardboard.
  • Our coasters are certified as compliant with Federal German and EU Food and Safety requirements for paper and cardboard with food applications.
  • Our coasters are made from recycled coaster-board, a significant point in our environmentally conscious society.
  • Our printing press uses CCI (computerised colour control) whilst most others do not. CCI means that the colours used on your coasters are consistent and print quality is controlled.
  • All our coasters are packed in unmarked cartons with no marks identifying our company.

Ideal for new businesses, corporate workplaces, communities or special event organisers. Also ideal for marketing agencies to suggest to clients as a complementary strategy to an existing advertising or marketing campaign.

Promotional and printed drink coasters are a must for any party, event, promotion or fundraiser. They can be placed in various locations, such as; hotels, clubs, pubs, community organisations and/or specialised events. The potential audience is large, meaning the possibilities really are endless!

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