Are you a catering company? We can cater to your product needs!


We have quite an extensive range of products, all in which you can customise to your company for a memorable event.

Our napkins, cups and cutlery sleeves can be printed on, to showcase your business and raise brand awareness.

Our promotional products can help you build up your client base across the numerous attendees at the events you cater for.

Brand the items you hand out to customers’ and they’ll remember your service in time for their own upcoming event.

You can print not only your logo, company contact details, but any design and message you desire.

It’s a great way to promote your business to potential customers’ as they are enjoying your service.


disposable coffee cups



Can I suggest to you our quilted cutlery pouch napkins?

These revolutionary products serve as a multi-purpose tool. Not only are they quality napkins, but they store cutlery for you and the customers’ convenience.

Why purchase napkins and cutlery pouches separately when you can have both? It will cost lest and look great as part of your table setting.