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Branded and customised gelato cups are a specialised product that enables high brand exposure. They are suitable for events, promotions and brand awareness.

3oz, 5oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 16oz and 32oz (other sizes available upon request).

Offset printing: 4-5 Weeks (subject to change depending on approval of artwork and payment terms).

Both sea and air freight options are available.

Please ensure that the design is finalised prior to submitting your artwork to us. This means all the bits and bobs in your concept such as any texts, logos, etc have all been confirmed. We have an in house graphic designer who will happily insert it into our template, however any changes to the design after this has been done may incur extra charges.

Promotional and branded gelato cups are becoming an effective way to promote your brand and/or chosen message. With a smaller minimum order quantity than ever before (usual overseas indent orders are of 50,000+), it is becoming one of the most cost-effective tools to add to your marketing strategy.

Lids are available in the following options:

  • Plastic flat
  • Plastic dome
  • Paper lids

On average, it can take up 30 minutes for a customer to consume ice cream. This means, your brands exposure will last longer than most traditional advertising mediums.

As a simple breakdown, driving past billboards, transport stops and even radio promotions last less than a minute, making our branded gelato cups 30 times more effective!

Our gelato cups are available in a range of styles, allowing you to work beyond your existing marketing and branding strategy.

Our gelato cups have a double PE lining and are made from heavy 100% virgin wood pulp cardboard to ensure quality and respect for the environment.

Ideal for new and existing businesses, events, communities or special event organisers. Can also be used as a complementary strategy to an existing advertising or marketing campaign.

Distribution is flexible, but it is suggested clients use these at special summer events such as expos, conferences, and community events.

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