We would like to introduce to you our latest product, the cutlery pouch napkin.

Quilted Napkin

These quilted cutlery pouch napkins are new to the market.

This amazing functional product has a dual purpose.
It serves as not only a napkin but a cutlery sleeve as well.

The multi-purpose tool will save your staff some valuable time as there is no wrapping or folding required.

Not only is our quilted cutlery pouch napkin available in multiple colours, we can offer personalised double sided printing.
This will allow you to present your brand right in the customer’s hand!
We also print QR codes if this is something you desire.

These soft and absorbent napkins are made locally in Australia and come with full lap coverage.

If you’re interested, give us an email at info@zammitpromocups.com.au for more details.