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When it comes to promoting your business or brand, our recyclable, perforated, peel & reveal tab cups are the perfect way to re-enforce your company’s message and brand, alongside your existing marketing strategies.

takeaway coffee cups Sydney

8oz, 12oz and 16oz

Local: 2-3 weeks
Overseas: 6 or more weeks

Please ensure that the design is finalised prior to submitting your artwork to us. This means all the bits and bobs in your concept such as any texts, logos, etc have all been confirmed. We have an in house graphic designer who will happily insert it into our template, however any changes to the design after this has been done may incur extra charges.

Creating a complimentary, targeted, promotional idea using our peel and reveal cups helps to engage your customer and can be used as an effective tool for call-to-action social media campaigns and to enhance brand recognition.

Our peel and reveal promotional and branded cups are a creative advertising medium and allow your company’s personalised and unique message to literally be peeled off the cup and in the hands of your target audience.

These cups are double wall with a semi-gloss finish to capture the rich colour of your message, design, and logo.

Lids are also available in either black or white.

We undertake strict quality checks during our production runs and use the highest quality virgin pulp, food-grade cardboard and inks.

These cups are ideal for hot and cold drinks such as coffee, tea, alcohol, soft drink, juice or water.

Ideal for global and local brands, across all industries, whether it be beverage companies, radio stations, councils, at a workplace level for team events, within communities or at special promotional events.

Distribution is flexible but it is suggested clients use these at special events such as expos, conferences and community events.

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